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steelseries sibera v2 headset in boxThe SteelSeries Siberia V2 has become a staple of many a budget gamer’s arsenal – and they’ve consistently maintained this reputation for some time. While their price is in line with many mid-range models, their performance is degrees ahead.

The V2’s are circumaural surround-sound headphones that encase the entire ear with 50mm drivers. The mic can be positioned as needed or retracts into the headset if not being used – always a plus 😉 . The V2 uses in-line volume controls located on the cable itself, which attaches to the left earcup near the mic.

The earcups are lined with a noise-reducing material aimed at preventing sound leakage, while the headband is self-adjusting so the headphones hang on the head, rather than press on it. Click here for more details..

steelseries sibera v2 headset mic volumeHighlights
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Great positional audio
  • Modern design
  • Retractable Microphone

In terms of sound, the Siberia V2 performs well and the surround-sound creates an immersive soundstage where shots and other smaller tones can be heard with high precision. The bass did at times seem a tad overemphasized, but this was only noticeable in music that utilized a lot of midrange. In games, the V2 sounds excellent.

Aesthetically, these cans feature a svelte, minimalist design that earns some style points. The default black scheme is polished and modern, and those seeking variety can choose from 9 other color schemes.steelseries sibera v2 headset

Aside from looking cool, the headband’s design makes extended gaming sessions more comfortable than many fixed-frame models allow. They exert very little pressure and thus feel extremely light on the head.

One of our few complaints was the somewhat small size of the earcups. They’ll fit most gamers, but those with larger ears may find them to fit more as a supra-aural (on the ear) than a circumaural (encasing the ear). This also limits use since ears tend to tire sooner.

SteelSeries Siberia V2 | The Verdict

The midrange could have a better presence, as it was sometimes muddied by the bass. However, this didn’t make a huge impact in gaming, though it did slightly limit its application in music.

Small complaints aside, it’s safe to say the Siberia V2 lives up to its reputation as an excellent value. They remain one of the best headsets under $100 for a reason, and though the midrange could be a bit crisper, the surround-sound and sharp positional audio make this a top pick for gamers on a budget. If you’ve experienced Turtle Beach or Fatal1ty models, but want to take the next step up, the Siberia V2 is a worthy successor.

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  4 Responses to “SteelSeries Siberia V2 Gaming Headset”

  1. Trying to get a good wireless head set for my son for gaming, will this work on a PS4??

    Turle beach are too expensive and I am looking for an alternative fo rhis christmas but need to move fast,
    it has to be suitable for a PS4.

    • Hi Dugald – I understand the urgency – Christmas is just around the corner! I responded to your other reply too, but in regards to Siberia v2 being supported on the PS4, it has not yet been confirmed by Sony. Since it is standard 3.5mm analog, it should hopefully work with an analog-to-usb adapter, but there’s no guarantee. This is a list gamers have made that shows which headsets have been confirmed. I hope this helps! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Will this work on the Xbox 360 E? Ive got one and I need a new headset and this is highly recommended for my price range but im not sure if it will work with the Xbox 360 E console.

    • Hey Christian – It’s only partially compatible with the Xbox 360 E – audio but no mic. The new E model only has one 3.5mm AV breakout port, but the Siberia V2 has two 3.5mm jacks (one for audio and once for mic).

      So essentially, you’d be plugging in the 3.5mm audio jack from the headset into the 3.5mm port on the back of the Xbox. You’ll have audio but not your microphone – a bit of a trade-off. Thanks for checking us out!

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