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Logitech-G430-Surround-Sound-Gaming-Headset-with-Dolby-7.1-TechnologyWith their flagship G35 gaming headset out for nearly five years, Logitech felt it was time to introduce an updated line of gaming headsets into the mix. Enter the G230 and G430 – stereo and 7.1 surround-sound variants, respectively.

Following suit with its predecessor, support for Dolby Digital 7.1 is included, as well as a permanently-attached, noise-cancelling boom mic that flips up when not in use.

The headset connects via two 3.5mm analog jacks, and includes a USB adapter, which is required to utilize 7.1 surround sound. This time, sound controls have moved from the earcup (like the on the G35) to inline controls on the cable itself. Click here for more details..

  • PS4 and Windows 7/ Windows 8 compatibility
  • Breathable cloth earcups to reduce heat
  • lighter design = longer sessions
  • flexible cabling to reduce obstruction

The G430 is younger brother to the G35 (not to be confused with the wireless G930). This iteration, however, comes at a lower cost, and carries many of the same features that made the G35 so successful – and, fortunately, improves upon its faults.

While there’s no denying the success the G35 has seen, there was some room for improvement, particularly in the areas of heat dissipation around the earcups, and overall headset weight. The G430 has switched out the feaux leather earcups for a cloth variety, which do feel noticeably cooler after extended periods of time.

Logitech-G430-Surround-Sound-Gaming-Headset-with-Dolby-7.1-Technology-largeThey also made this model significantly lighter than the G930, the benefits of which are noticed as soon as you put on the headset.

The sound quality is quite good for a model in this range, and the simulated surround sound does make an appreciable difference in FPS games. Sound localization was good as well, and transitions were crisp and fluid.

Logitech G430  | The Verdict

While Logitech’s G430 could have better noise isolation, it does produce very good surround-sound, and delivers this at a significantly lower price than its competitors. Surround-sound is always difficult to accurately reproduce in headsets, so models that do this well and affordably are tough to find.

Plain and simple: the G430’s strongest selling point is its price. Until now, the Siberia V2 has been leading the $50 – $100 niche, but this new release may well upset that reign. If you’re a gamer looking for analog 7.1 surround-sound and an integrated microphone – and you need to keep it under 3 digits – this headset is an excellent choice.

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