Dec 092012

creative world of warcraft gaming headset largeThe Creative World of Warcraft Headset is a specialty release tailored towards WoW gamers, and its design incorporates many World of Warcraft themes. This is a wireless headset that houses 40mm drivers capable of a frequency response from 20Hz-20KHz. Click here for more info.

It uses the same 2.4Ghz spectrum for wireless as most other headsets do, and has a batter life rated at 9hrs of play. These headphones can be charged with a mini-USB cable that attaches to a port on the bottom the earcup, and can still be used while charging.

  • compact USB dongle (ideal for laptops)
  • THX TruStudio Pro audio processor
  • adjustable earcup LED’s and interchangeable “glyphs”
  • noise-filtering & detachable microphone

While the headset is obviously tailored to WoW gamers, it is fairly flexible in terms of customization. It features the “glyph” system –  translucent plastic faceplates than cover the outer side of the earcups, which can be removed and swapped with other lenses ( so you can declare your WoW allegiance in style). As of now, they ship with Horde and Alliance glyphs. The lenses are also illuminated by colored LEDs, which can be adjusted to match just about any color using the included software.

creative world of warcraft headset side viewOne thing this headset did well was produce strong, deep bass. Unfortunately, I had many gripes with this model – most of which were dealbreakers for me. Presentationally, the headset is quite slick; the earcups have a cool glow to them and the ‘glyphs’ are an added bonus for the diehard fans. However, the microphone is incredibly problematic, and in our experience, worked only 60% of the time. The connection seemed to go out at the slightest touch.

To those using wireless keyboards / mice in conjunction with this headset – you’ve been warned! These headphones are notorious for interfering with other simliar wireless ranges. Just read the reviews and you’ll see other users complaining of the same exact issue – tons etc. In addition, the overall build quality is poor – the plastic that connects the headset to the frame feels brittle, and the smaller pieces break after an astonishingly short amount of time.

Creative World of Warcraft Headset  |  The Verdict

While the headphones do product decent sound, they’re fraught with a variety of smaller issues that, in my opinion, make it more trouble than it’s worth. The microphone was frustrating on a whole other level, and their support for this product and its many issues is lackluster at best. You may be one of the lucky ones whose unit works flawlessly, but if you aren’t, be prepared to have your serial number on hand and plenty of time to troubleshoot it. I’m sorry to say I do not recommend this headset.

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