Dec 092012

beyerdynamic mmx 300 pc headset new designBeyerdynamic, a company whose reputation was forged in the Hi-Fi (or high-end) home audio genre, has finally made the leap into the gaming market with this latest release – the MMX 300. These headphones are circumaural (they encase the entire ear) and the earcups themselves are covered in gray plush velour.

These headphones are of the wired variety, and come with an external USB soundcard for connecting to a PC, which also houses the mute and volume buttons. The MMX 300 isn’t picky about its audio source; it ships with ⅛” and ¼” analog connectors in case you wish to pair it with an amplifier or other peripheral sound processor, making it fairly versatile. Click here for more details..

beyerdynamic mmx 300 usb adapterHighlights
  • PC and MAC compatibility
  • external USB soundcard
  • plug & play – no software required
  • superb positional audio

We’ve tested 2 other Beyerdynamic headsets, and were blown away by their performance; the MMX PC is no exception. It features the same high-quality craftsmanship that Beyerdynamic is known for – real metal, sturdy housings, and attention to detail. The specs under the hood are equally as impressive – a frequency response of 5Hz – 30,000Hz easily place this model at the top of the list in terms of bass response, acoustic range, and overall sound quality. Since they’re specialized for gaming, these headphones focus heavily on perfect voice reproduction; teammates can be heard with crystal clarity, even in high-immersion settings like battlefields.

An additional benefit these have over similar models is the ease of use. Since no extra software is required to get these up and running, you can simply plug them in and you’re good to go (the driver loads automatically). This adds an extra advantage of mobility, as you can swap the headset from a desktop to a laptop to an amp – all without ever worrying about software or preconfiguring.beyerdynamic mmx 300 pc headset new design large

The padded earcups fit snugly enough to provide a very high level of passive noise-cancellation, and can be worn comfortably for hours of gaming. The soundstage is impeccable; important sounds can be easily distinguished from background noise, and you’ll often discover sounds you never knew existed in games – leaves rustling, clothes meshing together, bullets whizzing by in the distance.

Could the imitation carbon fiber design be updated with a brushed metal or mesh? Sure, but that’s trivial at best and based entirely on subjective opinion. There really are no complaints with this model.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300  |  The Verdict

While there’s no denying that $390 for a pair of headphones is a lot, these are a serious investment for the serious audiophile, and will reward those who can appreciate high-fidelity sound. They’re versatile, mobile, and impeccably clear. If you truly want the best, there’s no other way to go than the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PC Gaming Headset. They’re the best wired gaming headphones we’ve ever tested – period.

UPDATE 5/2/2013 : This model has recently been updated with a new design! The white & silver highlights have been exchanged for smoky chrome accents, among other things.

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